Apr 11

Revenue Report #3 March 2012

This is my third income report now for my Android Games. After a slow start in January things got rolling in February with the release of Dental Drill. The fun app went up the TOP lists and the revenue raised together with it. Also my other games got a bit more attention.

Now, after Dental Drill dropped out of the NEW list, the downloads went down from over 3000 a day to 150 in average. I did not release any other new stuff and so downloads, impressions and revenue dropped significantly. Here are the recent numbers from my ad provider Greystripe:


Impressions 41,810 (-7555)
Revenue $40.58 (-$44.18)
eCPM $0.97 (-$0.75)

The eCPM is now at a very low rate of under a dollar. At the end of March this was going up. I hope this trend will remain and eCPM will go up the next weeks to the level of January.

Revenue from Greystripe went down over 50%. Quite disappointing! But at least I received my first check from Greystripe this month after my revenue reached the $100 threshold!

Oh, and I sold 3 (In words: three!!!) copies of lubajaX last month! Another $2.82 for my pocket!!

Together with the $9.98 from my J2ME games this gives me $57.38.

Ah, wait. There was another $10.95 from Clickgamer. They closed down their J2ME section and send me a final payout.

Whats next?

Most important thing is, that I have to release a new app to stop this trend. The problem is: I do not have one ;o)

I have started a new game and I think the idea is really good. But there is a long way to go before I can think about a release. So far, I will have to watch my numbers declining…

Mar 05

So where is the Mad Cow Martha and Mr. Buckethead?



You are coming to this site because you are looking for J2ME games for your mobile phone? You are interested in games like theMad Cow Martha series, Raupe Ab or Mr. Buckethead?

This is the correct site but after my web page has been hacked and after I started developing Android Apps the decision was easy:

I won’t restore the old pages and start a new blog about my progress in Android App developement.

Mad Cow Martha 2

Mad Cow Martha 2


You can still download all of my J2ME games for free (ad supported) on pages like Mobile Rated!

I’m actually surprised, how much people still download the games and that I’m still making some money with them!

OK, not much, but enough for a Chicken Dinner ;o)



Mad Cow Martha 3

Mar 02

Revenue Report #2 February 2012

Inspired from Blogs like Ziggy’s Games and others I have decided to publish my own revenue reports for my Android games.

Here is the second one for February 2012. There is a good and a bad thing. I start with the bad one: I’m still not getting rich! Damit! The good one is: everything is going up smoothly.

The release of my fun app Dental Drill boosted downloads, ad impressions and revenue. It got listed at spot 8 in the “New Entertainment” list, at least in Germay (I have found out, that these lists in the Android Market are sorted different for different countries)

So here is the money:

I still use Greystripe as my ad provider. They prefere to deliver full screen ads. In the following table you can see the result for February:

Impressions 49365 (+40139)
Revenue $84,76 (+$51,62)
eCPM $1,72 (-$1,87)

More than $84 in the second month and an increase of over $50 makes me quite happy! Together with the January revenue I have reached one of my goales: I have reached more than $100 and will get my first payout from Greystripe! I have to define new goales, because I have already reached 3 out of 5!

One sad thing is the drop of the eCPM. Last month I had a stong $3,59 and now it is just $1,72. Why this? The reason is very simple. Dental Drill is bringing in most of the ad impressions. For some reason (that I will never understand) 30% of all impressions are generated in Germany and 25% in Brazil (!!!). Just 1,8% are comming from the USA. Greystripe has a much higher eCPM in the US and very low rates in Europe.

The last half of the month Greystripe started a global campaing and my revenue raised. Hopyfully this trend will remain and the revenue for March will be even higher! My goal: $100 in one Month.

Happy coding!


Feb 23

Alternative App Stores Part 2

Here is the updated table of the download numbers of Marbleution in different Alternative Android App Stores:

Store Mid February
SlideMe 23008 (+7009)
Samsung Apps 533 (NEW since 07.02.)
AndroidPit 349 (+90)
GetJar 195 (+111)
Mobango 46 (+28)
Bazaarandroid 38 (+27)
Playandroid 14 (+9)
AndAppOnline Still ???
AppStoreHQ Still ???
Opera App Store 8 (+3)

The new store this month is the Samsung Apps store. It took quite a while to get through their quality gates. Marbleution got rejected once and then there was a delay in the device test. Finally it is live now and it gets downloaded 100 time a day in average. Best thing is, that it is climbling in the most downloaded list. I look forward to the next couple of days. Hopefully more and more downloads are coming from Samsungs own store!

Pdassi and Appoke are still not worth to be mentioned.

Looking at the new numbers, the clear winner is SlideMe. Still most alternative downloads come from there. But this was just a bit of luck, because my other games do not performe as good as Marbleution does.

Disapointing is the Opera app store. I expected a lot from this one. But 3 downloads the last four weeks is absolutely poor.

AndroidPit and GetJar are, well, hm, lets say OK. Nothing more nothing less. Just some downloads but not more.




Feb 22

Revenue Report #1 January 2012

Inspired from Blogs like


I have decided to publish my own revenue report for my Android games.

I have started Mid-December with publishing lubajaX. There is not much to report for this app. So my reporting will be based on the figures for Marbleution, released at the beginning of January.

Downloads Stats:

Marbleution is available at quit a lot of alternative app stores beside of the Android Market. I have reported about this here: Alternative Android App Stores

The most downloads now still come from SlideMe (17300). Compared with the Android Market (192) this is quit much! I have still not figured out why Marbleution was downloaded so often and lubajaX got more or less ignored on SlideMe. Anyway.


I use Greystripe as an ad provider at the moment. They prefere to deliver full screen ads. In the following table you can see the result for January:

Impressions 9,226
Revenue $33.14
eCPM $3.59

Over 33 Dollars in the first month is not to bad. Or to say it the other way round: I had expected less! An average CPM of 3.59 Dollars is also pretty decent.

I hope that this month, with the release of Marbleution Blast and my fun app Dental Drill the ad impressions are increasing a lot and I can make 100 Dollars in February. This would lead to my first payout, because this is the treashold of Greystripe…

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