Feb 22

Android Market Keywords

So you have an app in the Android Market and you can see it in the developer console: no one is downloading it and you ask: Why?

One thing could be, that no one is seeing it. The Android Market is strongly based on the search…and nobody really knows what the Search is taking into account and what is left out. There are many tips going round in the internet and some companies already offers SEO for the Android Market. Look there for details help.

Anyway. Today I just started and tried to optimize our game descriptions to get a better search rank. And the most important thing I found out is:

Changes are going directly into the search index.

That is great! So you can type in your favorite search expression you want to be at the top. Then you can play around with your description and watch the impact on your ranking.

I did not make it to the top with our games and the search expressions I have choosen. I guess the reason is my bad English ;-)

…but Marbleution raised in the search for “marble puzzle” to the second page. Better than nothing and a good point for more improvment!

After some more investigation I found out, that the app title is weighted very high. I have included the term “marble puzzle” into the titel and Marbleution got second now for this specific search.

One last thing: This seams to be only true for the online version of the Market. It does not work directly in the Android Market App.