Feb 22

Revenue Report #1 January 2012

Inspired from Blogs like


I have decided to publish my own revenue report for my Android games.

I have started Mid-December with publishing lubajaX. There is not much to report for this app. So my reporting will be based on the figures for Marbleution, released at the beginning of January.

Downloads Stats:

Marbleution is available at quit a lot of alternative app stores beside of the Android Market. I have reported about this here: Alternative Android App Stores

The most downloads now still come from SlideMe (17300). Compared with the Android Market (192) this is quit much! I have still not figured out why Marbleution was downloaded so often and lubajaX got more or less ignored on SlideMe. Anyway.


I use Greystripe as an ad provider at the moment. They prefere to deliver full screen ads. In the following table you can see the result for January:

Impressions 9,226
Revenue $33.14
eCPM $3.59

Over 33 Dollars in the first month is not to bad. Or to say it the other way round: I had expected less! An average CPM of 3.59 Dollars is also pretty decent.

I hope that this month, with the release of Marbleution Blast and my fun app Dental Drill the ad impressions are increasing a lot and I can make 100 Dollars in February. This would lead to my first payout, because this is the treashold of Greystripe…