Feb 23

Alternative App Stores Part 2

Here is the updated table of the download numbers of Marbleution in different Alternative Android App Stores:

Store Mid February
SlideMe 23008 (+7009)
Samsung Apps 533 (NEW since 07.02.)
AndroidPit 349 (+90)
GetJar 195 (+111)
Mobango 46 (+28)
Bazaarandroid 38 (+27)
Playandroid 14 (+9)
AndAppOnline Still ???
AppStoreHQ Still ???
Opera App Store 8 (+3)

The new store this month is the Samsung Apps store. It took quite a while to get through their quality gates. Marbleution got rejected once and then there was a delay in the device test. Finally it is live now and it gets downloaded 100 time a day in average. Best thing is, that it is climbling in the most downloaded list. I look forward to the next couple of days. Hopefully more and more downloads are coming from Samsungs own store!

Pdassi and Appoke are still not worth to be mentioned.

Looking at the new numbers, the clear winner is SlideMe. Still most alternative downloads come from there. But this was just a bit of luck, because my other games do not performe as good as Marbleution does.

Disapointing is the Opera app store. I expected a lot from this one. But 3 downloads the last four weeks is absolutely poor.

AndroidPit and GetJar are, well, hm, lets say OK. Nothing more nothing less. Just some downloads but not more.