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Revenue Report #2 February 2012

Inspired from Blogs like Ziggy’s Games and others I have decided to publish my own revenue reports for my Android games.

Here is the second one for February 2012. There is a good and a bad thing. I start with the bad one: I’m still not getting rich! Damit! The good one is: everything is going up smoothly.

The release of my fun app Dental Drill boosted downloads, ad impressions and revenue. It got listed at spot 8 in the “New Entertainment” list, at least in Germay (I have found out, that these lists in the Android Market are sorted different for different countries)

So here is the money:

I still use Greystripe as my ad provider. They prefere to deliver full screen ads. In the following table you can see the result for February:

Impressions 49365 (+40139)
Revenue $84,76 (+$51,62)
eCPM $1,72 (-$1,87)

More than $84 in the second month and an increase of over $50 makes me quite happy! Together with the January revenue I have reached one of my goales: I have reached more than $100 and will get my first payout from Greystripe! I have to define new goales, because I have already reached 3 out of 5!

One sad thing is the drop of the eCPM. Last month I had a stong $3,59 and now it is just $1,72. Why this? The reason is very simple. Dental Drill is bringing in most of the ad impressions. For some reason (that I will never understand) 30% of all impressions are generated in Germany and 25% in Brazil (!!!). Just 1,8% are comming from the USA. Greystripe has a much higher eCPM in the US and very low rates in Europe.

The last half of the month Greystripe started a global campaing and my revenue raised. Hopyfully this trend will remain and the revenue for March will be even higher! My goal: $100 in one Month.

Happy coding!



  1. reiti.net

    Nice to see your progress :-) My Game Robo Miner has 20% of the dowloads from russia. Wanna try Greystripe for my app Laser Blaster Simulator (mainly US downloads) because I am unsatisfied with leadbolt.

    Keep Going!

    1. Thanks for your comment! I guess your coming report will have some more impressive numbers!

    2. Ardjesh

      Robo Miner has been on first places in trends apps in russian Android Market for a while. For sure it icreased your game’s popularity here

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