Apr 11

Revenue Report #3 March 2012

This is my third income report now for my Android Games. After a slow start in January things got rolling in February with the release of Dental Drill. The fun app went up the TOP lists and the revenue raised together with it. Also my other games got a bit more attention.

Now, after Dental Drill dropped out of the NEW list, the downloads went down from over 3000 a day to 150 in average. I did not release any other new stuff and so downloads, impressions and revenue dropped significantly. Here are the recent numbers from my ad provider Greystripe:


Impressions 41,810 (-7555)
Revenue $40.58 (-$44.18)
eCPM $0.97 (-$0.75)

The eCPM is now at a very low rate of under a dollar. At the end of March this was going up. I hope this trend will remain and eCPM will go up the next weeks to the level of January.

Revenue from Greystripe went down over 50%. Quite disappointing! But at least I received my first check from Greystripe this month after my revenue reached the $100 threshold!

Oh, and I sold 3 (In words: three!!!) copies of lubajaX last month! Another $2.82 for my pocket!!

Together with the $9.98 from my J2ME games this gives me $57.38.

Ah, wait. There was another $10.95 from Clickgamer. They closed down their J2ME section and send me a final payout.

Whats next?

Most important thing is, that I have to release a new app to stop this trend. The problem is: I do not have one ;o)

I have started a new game and I think the idea is really good. But there is a long way to go before I can think about a release. So far, I will have to watch my numbers declining…


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  1. reiti.net

    I’ve found an eCPM of under 1$ very normal for admob – in the last months it was always at around 0.80 .. sometimes better, sometimes worse but that’s what it is :-) This eCPM is calculated with a CTR of ~2-3% which seems to be very normal too :-)

    Curious about your next release

    1. Bandler

      The next release is faaaar away. Currently there are other projects with a higher priority…

  2. tim

    This is a really nice CTR. Right now I have an android app with only german content and I ony get a CTR around 0.09-0.10 and eCPM also 0.9

  3. Laurentiu Pop

    Any chance you could help me out with a android play store download and rating of a newly released puzzle game I’ve been lately working on? (it’s free)

    If you, up for it here is the link to the android playstore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.game.numbermix

    Fell free to contact me and I’ll return the favor. Just point me in the right direction.

    For the moment I can only help if you have any app/game that is available on the android play store.

    Thank you.

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