I will cover several topics related to Android development which came into my way while reaching my goals:

  • Get into the Top 100 of the Top New List in any category

08.02.2012: Reached! Dental Drill is currently place 13 in Entertainment

  • Get into any Top list in the Android Market

23.02.2012: Reached! Dental Drill is currently place 62 in Entertainment

  • Get a review of one of my Android games on a big site like Pocketgamer

I had reviews for Java games, but not for Android games.

  • Get a payout check from Greystripe (>100 Dollar)

28.02.2012: Reached! The first 100 bugs are earned! (OK, the check is still pending)

  • Get over 100.000 download of one of my games in Android Market

just to name a few…

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