Feb 22

Furious Facts About Android Market

And here they come…the top facts about the Android Market you always wanted to know!

Feel free to leave your favorite fact in a comment.

I have executed different searches in the Android Market and I will face you now with the one and only truth.
Because the search in the Market does not show more than 1000 hits the AppBrain search is taken as a reference in some cases.

So lets get started:

    • Anyone affraid he is stupid?

At least many people wants to know it. Or the app creators think people wants to know it. Anyway.
“Stupid Test” (187 hits), “Moron Test” (199) and “Idiot Test” (129 hits) gives you lots of chances to find an app telling you that you are just as normal as anyone else.

    • Bird flu hits market harder than mad cow disease

There are by far more “angry birds” in the Market (more than 1000) than “mad cows” (22). Just if you have ever thought about that.

    • Fart or not to Fart, this is the question

I can not believe it! I am shocked!! Incredible!!! There are 238 hits for a search for “Fart Board”!!!! Puh, is there a bad smell in the air?!

    • Facebook is bigger than Google+

AppBrain shows it: Facebook (21596 hits) has more apptension than Google+ (15016). Still it is unclear for what all this apps are needed?!

    • The good overrules the bad!

A search for “God” and “Devil” in the Android Market brought more than 1000 hits. So I used the alternative AppBrain search. The result is quite calming: God overrules Devil with 2428:809. There is still hope that this will get a better world!

    • There is so much useless stuff

More than 1000 hits on the Android Market and 418 hits in AppBrain for a search for “useless”! Are you really installing something telling you it is useless? Seams so.
66 apps actually mention that they are rubbish…

    • Buy an Android Smartphone if you want to have an IPhone

AppBrain brings up 5728 hits for “IPhone”. Make your Android look like an Apple thingy seams to be more important than God (see above).

    • And now sports: ManU beats Barcelona!!

At least in the AppBrain search. Manchester United (200) is the clear winner. FC Barcelona (131) and the FC Bayern Munich (66) are far behind.

Uh, wait! Real Madrid got the title: 252 hits!

    • Android users are interested on politics

“Obama” gives you 260 chances to learn something about the current American President. If you can learn anything with the Obama Soundboard? I am not sure…

The german chancellor Angela Merkel gets only 20 hits, the frensh president Nicloas Sarkozy 55. The Android Market is clearly ruled by Americans.

That is it. These are the most furious facts I found in the Android Market. If you have another one, please leave it as a comment. I look forward to your results!

Feb 22

Android Market Keywords

So you have an app in the Android Market and you can see it in the developer console: no one is downloading it and you ask: Why?

One thing could be, that no one is seeing it. The Android Market is strongly based on the search…and nobody really knows what the Search is taking into account and what is left out. There are many tips going round in the internet and some companies already offers SEO for the Android Market. Look there for details help.

Anyway. Today I just started and tried to optimize our game descriptions to get a better search rank. And the most important thing I found out is:

Changes are going directly into the search index.

That is great! So you can type in your favorite search expression you want to be at the top. Then you can play around with your description and watch the impact on your ranking.

I did not make it to the top with our games and the search expressions I have choosen. I guess the reason is my bad English ;-)

…but Marbleution raised in the search for “marble puzzle” to the second page. Better than nothing and a good point for more improvment!

After some more investigation I found out, that the app title is weighted very high. I have included the term “marble puzzle” into the titel and Marbleution got second now for this specific search.

One last thing: This seams to be only true for the online version of the Market. It does not work directly in the Android Market App.

Feb 22

Alternative Android App Stores (Part I)

First in the series of development articles, I will collect some alternative stores I have found beside of the Android Market.

If you are a Android developer and you have tried to sell/distribute an app or game on the Android Market you know the problem: the game is listed somewhere far down the lists. No one even notice you game and so no one is downloading it.

There are some things you can do about it:


I found that this is mostly a waste of money. Sure, you get some exposure and some people will download your game. But in the most cases this will not pay out.

Trying to get reviewed (or buy a review)

Not as easy as it seams for a small indipendent game studio. The big sites are ignoring your requests, the small pages tend to request money for their reviews nowaday. Still, you should try it and send your game to as many sites you can find in your favorite search engine.

Ignore and just develop another game

This is always a good idea. But still, you should do some marketing!

So what should I do?

One thing I found very promissing is adding your game to other stores. Android Market is not the one and only. Here is my short list of stores you should give a try. I also add my first download figures for Marbleution.

Store January (so far)
SlideMe 13999
AndroidPit 259
GetJar (36) 84
AppStoreHQ ???
Mobango 18
Bazaarandroid 11
Playandroid 5
AndAppOnline ???

There is also an Opera App Store (5). I have also tried Pdassi and Appoke but got no download from them.

Additionally, there are a bunch of stores directly taking the app info from the Android Market after you release it there. I made the experience that this automatic mechanism sometimes fails. So it is a good idea to check if they list your game. Some of the most importand of this kind is AppBrain and AndroidZoom.

It is to early to give a final vote. On some stores Marbleution is just added and on others it started two weeks ago. I will update my conclusion when I have some more detailed numbers…

Feb 21

We have been hacked!

We have been hacked!

Google send me an E-Mail complaining about my site is distributing malware. Some hours later my provider stoped my site and displayed a warning message. After a quick check I found several compromised pages.

I take this chance and start the hole thing right from the beginning. I have deleted all the old stuff and now there will be new content…soon.

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